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I started Craftin' in the Kitchen in November 2011. I decided to (try) to turn my passion for baking and sweets into my career. I have built up my business over the last few years and my caramels were even featured in Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine (they can be seen here). 

I get my love of anything sweet from my dad. We consider ourselves amateur dessert connoisseurs - in the sense that, everywhere we go we must try (sometimes multiple) desserts. My Grandparents (on both sides) were wonderful cooks/bakers. My Grandma Wagar made the most amazing bread and Grandma and Grandpa Carson always sent a scrumptious box of homemade candy every year at Christmas. My dad is a master of pie crust, crepes and other confections and my mother makes wonderful jelly, cookies, and pretty much anything she puts her mind to. Needless to say, I picked up the baking bug.

I focus on delicious treats for people such as caramels, brittles, toffees, and more. I also make a few items for the furry friends in our lives. My shop variety is not huge right now but I am making it a goal of mine to grow my selections and blog about it along the way. 

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